The Best Beard Care Tips

Posted on November 18, 2019

The Best Beard Care Tips

Give your beard some TLC by following our top tips for happy and healthy facial hair.

Keep it trim

Just like your hair, a healthy beard needs a trim every now and again. For a beard that’s more well-groomed than wild, regular pruning with a quality trimmer will keep your beard looking neat and healthy.

Keep it clean

Washing your beard can help reduce itchiness during the early days of growing a beard, and will keep the skin beneath clean. Choose a cleanser that is designed for beard hair and wash several times a week, gently patting dry afterwards to avoid frizzy facial hair.

Keep it well-oiled

Beard oil will hydrate your skin, preventing dryness, and soften your beard hair, making it easier to style. It can also prevent brittle beard hair during the cold and windy winter months. Try a few different formulas to find one that suits your skin and hair type.

Keep it tamed

Use a comb or beard brush to train the hairs of your beard to grow downwards, maintaining its shape. Aim for a daily brush to keep your beard looking its best. A regular comb-through will also remove any food or dust particles, helping to keep your beard clean.

Keep it healthy

A healthy beard requires a blend of nutrients which you might not quite get from your diet. That’s where a supplement like Lifeplan Haircare Nutrients can help. Taken twice daily with food, these tablets contain minerals and natural vitamins to encourage new hair growth, as well as biotin and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair.