Summer Road Trip Survival Guide

Posted on July 9, 2019

Summer road trip survival guide
Whether you’re heading to the city, coast or countryside this summer, here are our top tips to help you reach your destination feeling fresh and ready for action.

Pack the snacks
When selecting snacks for a car journey, opt for foods which are both healthy and mess-free. Carrot sticks, grapes and apple slices are easy to nibble on and won’t fill your car with empty packaging. And for a chocolate fix, opt for dark chocolate which is naturally lower in sugar.

Pick your drinks
It can be tempting to drink less when spending a long time in the car to avoid those extra comfort breaks, but dehydration will leave you feeling worse for wear. Bring along a reusable bottle so you can easily fill up on water at service stations and rest stops.

Avoid fizzy drinks which can cause bloating and indigestion when sitting for long periods, and steer clear of caffeine as it can make you need the bathroom more frequently.

Plan your breaks
Tiredness can cause accidents, so stay fresh by taking regular breaks (a 15 minute rest every two hours is recommended) and sharing the driving where possible. If you have to reach your destination by a certain time, allow for these breaks when planning your journey.

Keep cool
A hot summer’s day is fun when you reach the beach, but warm weather can make a car journey more uncomfortable. Keep the car cool with air conditioning if you have it, and remember to keep your sunglasses at hand in case of glare.

Stay healthy
Studies have shown that there is a risk of developing deep vein thrombosis during car journeys of four hours or more, so make sure you stretch your legs on longer trips. If you suffer from car sickness, avoid reading and face straight ahead – sitting in the front passenger seat may help.

Enjoy the journey
Instead of a game of I Spy, why not stay entertained with an audiobook, or a playlist of your favourite songs? To break up longer journeys, look for landmarks on your route that you can stop and visit, the perfect excuse to stretch your legs and take in the sights before heading on your way.