How To Slim In Time For Summer

Posted on April 8, 2019

How to slim in time for summer

Are you walking down the aisle this summer, or planning the holiday of a lifetime? Or maybe you simply want to feel more confident in your summer clothes.

Whatever your motivation for slimming, making some positive changes to your diet and lifestyle now will help you lose weight gradually and healthily. So you can be healthier and happier, this summer and beyond.

The importance of balance
A healthy diet is a balanced diet. Whilst some diets may place certain foods or food groups off-limits, these restrictions can be hard to maintain, and could lead you to temptation.

Instead, your daily meals and snacks should draw from all food groups, with plenty of fruit and vegetables at the heart of your diet.

If you have a sweet tooth and love a pudding, swap sugary treats for a bowl of fresh fruit with low fat yoghurt. And instead of biscuits, make carrot sticks, grapes and nuts your go-to snack when at your desk.

Consider portion size
Often, the amount of food on our plates can hamper our attempts to lose weight. Follow the recommended portion sizes in healthy recipes, halving a recipe for four if just two of you are eating. A smaller plate can also help you eat a healthier amount.

Remember that it takes around 20 minutes of eating for your body to feel full, so eat slowly and drink water before and during meals, also chew food thoroughly to avoid overeating.

Hungry or thirsty?
Often we think we are hungry when we are simply dehydrated. Fizzy and sugary drinks also don’t fill us up like water and can have unnecessary calories in them. So next time you think you feel peckish and want to reach for a snack, try a glass of water first.

Change how you cook
Develop healthier cooking habits to enhance your weight loss. For example, cook with low calorie spray instead of oil, and select leaner cuts of meat, removing all visible fat.

As well as being bad for your heart health, too much salt can cause you to retain water, affecting the number you see on the scales. Many foods already contain salt, so avoid seasoning your cooking with it and replace salt with fresh herbs at the dining table.

Try a supplement
Natural supplements can support your weight loss goals. WeightAway is a clinically proven sliming aid, providing glucomannan.

This natural, plant-based product promotes the feeling of fullness and suppresses appetite, and also provides a source of fibre. For best results take these capsules with water one hour before meals. This product is registered with the vegan society.

Get active
As well as burning calories, exercise will improve your fitness level, helping you get ready for an active summer outdoors. Physical activity is good for the mind as well as the body, so put your trainers on and get those endorphins flowing.