Lifeplan’s Retailer of the Month November 2020

Posted on December 3, 2020

Stonelakes Pharmacy
Lifeplan’s Retailer of the Month – November 2020

Our retailer of the month for November is Stonelake’s Pharmacy. Based in Guernsey, Stonelake’s are a community-based pharmacy looking after their valued customers in the St Sampson area since 1932, currently being run by owner Steve Smith.

We recently spoke with Karen who has worked at Stonelake’s for 13 years, and has been responsible for the vitamin products for 4 years. The health and wellbeing of their customers is their top priority. Karen explained “I think it is important to look after your health all the time but at the moment people are taking more interest in their health and wellbeing”. Stonelake’s have worked hard during the recent pandemic to continue to offer great service to their customers and to offer a safe environment to the people in the local community.

Over the past few months, the people of Guernsey have worked hard to keep each other safe through this tough time, meaning they now have a low rate of infection in line with the latest government reports, and went through a large period of the pandemic recording zero cases. When speaking to Karen she explained that it’s down to the massive collective effort everyone has been putting in. This has allowed Stonelake’s to continue providing excellent service to their customers in a relatively uninterrupted way. They have still made the necessary changes to make the shop as secure as possible for people to shop safely. It is steps like the ones put in place by shops like Stonelake’s which have led to Guernsey being in the position they are, with such a low number of cases.

Lifeplan has had a strong relationship with Stonelake Pharmacy for more than 6 years, working closely with their team to help provide their customers with the products they need. “Turmeric is a great seller for us, Vitamin D3 and Multivitamins has increased recently but Turmeric is definitely a best seller”.

We asked how it felt to be our retailer of the month for November, Karen said “Surprised, but grateful for the recognition”. We think Stonelake’s definitely deserve recognition for all their hard work and for being part of a community that have come together with one common aim of keeping cases of coronavirus down to such a low number.