Lifeplan’s Retailer of the Month December 2020

Posted on January 11, 2021

J Dodds and Co Health Foods and Supplements
Lifeplan’s Retailer of the Month – December 2020

Our retailer of the month for December was J Dodd and Co Health Food and Supplements. Based in the market town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, Dodds are a very long-established health shop who actually began trading way back in 1882. Originally started as a chemist, Dodds has since established itself as one of the key health food and supplements shops in Huddersfield.

We recently spoke with Sam Haigh who is one of the assistant managers of Dodds. Sam started with the company in 2007 and has been a pivotal part of the team for those 13 years. From its beginnings in the late 1800’s Dodds ran as a chemist for almost 100 years until 1978 when, under new ownership, it became a health and food supplements retailer.

Today they help their customers with anything from digestive to joint health. They have been working hard through the recent pandemic to provide their customers with a safe environment to shop.

Sam has noticed the change in what people are asking for when they come into the shop. “We get a lot of questions about joint health and digestive concerns, but Vitamin D is massive at the minute”. Over the past few months there has been a big surge in immune support and people wanting to find ways to support their immune health.

Sam noted “people now when they come in seem to have a good knowledge of the products and what they want”. This has been noticeable, particularly in the past year that people are taking much more of an active interest in their health, whether it be through supplements or health foods.

We asked Sam what role he thought vitamins and mineral supplements played in the health market. “I think food has always played a part in the health market but Vitamins and Minerals have become more important, particularly the more essential vitamins like Vitamin D and C”.

Lifeplan has had a long-standing relationship with Dodds Health Store, going back more than 13 years. “Turmeric is a big seller for us and we sell a lot of the Curcumin as well, those two products have a really good following for us”.

Finally, we asked Sam how it felt for Dodds to be our Retailer of the Month for December, he said “We were pleasantly surprised, and very happy to get the news”.

Here at Lifeplan we think that Dodds have done a fantastic job, not only during the recent pandemic, but throughout their long history, and deserve to be our retailer of the month for December.

‘Image of Richard Haigh receiving Dodds’ retailer of the month certificate from Natural Trade Brokers sales rep Ali’.