How To Take Care Of Your Tummy On Holiday

Posted on August 5, 2019

How to take care of your tummy on holiday

A happy holiday is a healthy holiday, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you avoid an upset stomach when travelling, particularly if you’re heading overseas.

From too much sun to overindulging in sangria, there are some self-inflicted stomach upsets that we are all more prone to on holiday. But by following these precautions, you can take better care of your tummy during your travels.

1. Avoid drinking tap water
Wherever possible, drink only bottled water to avoid picking up microorganisms that could make you sick, don’t forget to recycle that bottle!

2. Ask for no ice
As ice is often made from tap water, the same applies to the cooling cubes at the bottom of your drink. If a drink does contain ice, children (and big kids too) should be discouraged from crunching their ice cubes.

3. Be wary of buffets
Food that has been on display for long periods, or reheated multiple times, is more likely to harbour bacteria that could upset your stomach. Instead, opt for freshly cooked meals which are made to order.

4. Take care with street food
If the local street food has caught your eye, check to see how ingredients are being stored, handled and cooked before you place your order.

5. Be prepared
A delicate stomach doesn’t need to upset your trip. Before you head on holiday, we recommend taking three capsules of acidophilus and rhamnosus three times a day.

Each bottle contains around four billion live cultures, and they are the perfect supplement to take on holiday. For best results, take the capsules throughout your trip, and for a week after you return home.

6. Stay hydrated
If you do have tummy trouble on holiday, remember to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.