Simple Swaps for a Healthier Diet

Posted on October 2, 2019

Simple swaps for a Healthier Diet

Developing a healthier diet doesn’t have to mean cutting out food groups or avoiding your favourite treats. You can still enjoy the meals you love but make them healthier with some simple swaps.

Swap sauce jars for homemade

Pre-made sauces from the supermarket can be packed with hidden salt and calories. Instead, use fresh ingredients to make your own at home, adapting the recipe to include your favourite flavours. To make life easier, cook pasta and curry sauces in batches which you can freeze for quick weeknight dinners.

Swap to wholegrain

You might know that wholegrain is better for you than white pasta, rice and bread, but why? It’s because wholegrain contains more nutrients and fibre than refined grains.

For example, choosing wholemeal bread rather than white will increase your fibre intake from 1g per slice to as much as 4g of fibre per slice.

Swap salt for herbs and spices

Many processed foods already contain high levels of salt, so avoid adding more during cooking or at the table. To add flavour to your dishes, try herbs and spices like oregano, which tastes great with potatoes and pasta, or cayenne pepper which adds colour and heat.

Swap to low fat dairy products

Dairy foods contain essential calcium for healthy bones and teeth, as well as potassium which can contribute to healthy blood pressure.

Switching to low fat dairy products will reduce your fat and calorie intake whilst still providing vitamins and minerals your body needs. And it can be as simple as opting for skimmed milk, reduced fat cheese or fat free yoghurt.

Look for healthy alternatives

Banana pancakes are a great alternative to traditional pancake. Made from one large banana and two eggs, these tasty pancakes are not only a great alternative to traditional pancakes they are a much healthier version too. Add berries to the mix for extra taste.