Wedding Health Supplements

Have a happy and healthy big day

Posted on September 14, 2018

Feel confident

If you want to feel more confident when you walk down the aisle and feeling sllimmer would help then our proven weight loss aid, Lifeplan 5:2, can help.

It contains 500mg of glucomannan, which is a natural fibre that helps control hunger and can make you feel fuller for longer – so you’ll be less likely to reach for those sugary snacks.

We recommend taking one capsule five days-a-week, starting at least three months before your wedding, to see the best results.

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Feel radiant

Glossy locks, glowing skin and healthy nails are on every bride and groom’s wedding checklist. Make sure you look fantastic in every photograph with Lifeplan Protectocell Hair, Skin and Nails.

Packed full of vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts to nourish your hair, skin and nails, this supplement should be an essential part of your pre-wedding beauty regime.

Take it for at least six weeks before your wedding date for the best results.

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Feel comfortable

Pre-wedding nerves can cause unwanted flatulence. Avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing wind with Lifeplan Windaway.

Containing steam-activated charcoal derived from coconuts, it will help gases and toxins to gently pass through your body without noises or smells.

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Feel relaxed

From the I do’s to the first dance, you want to feel cool, calm and collected on your wedding day. Lifeplan Relaxon can help you feel calm and relaxed, letting you focus on enjoying every moment.

It contains a blend of herbs and nutrients to support mental wellbeing, including calming chamomile, and magnesium to help your nervous system function normally.

Take one tablet daily each night before you sleep, for a week before you get married, to feel ready for your big day.

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