Seasonal spring produce shopping list

Posted on March 24, 2021

Seasonal spring produce shopping list

As we wave goodbye to winter, lots of delicious ingredients are coming into season ready to bring some colour to your plate and a range of nutrients for your body. From carrots which are packed with beta-carotene to antioxidant-rich artichokes which are also high in fibre. Springtime offers plenty of tasty produce that’s full of healthy goodness.


Keep this guide on seasonal produce to hand when you next head to the market or supermarket.

The benefits of eating seasonal produce


Less chemicals

Food grown in season needs less pesticides and chemicals to grow, so you can enjoy natural goodness without any nasty additives.


Better for the planet

Shipping food from overseas out of season burns more fuel and contributes to polluting our environment, increasing our carbon footprint. Instead, food grown locally in the UK has a shorter, and more sustainable, journey from field to plate. Try to also purchase produce with minimal to no plastic packaging.


Supports your nutritional needs

Seasonal produce naturally contains the vitamins and nutrients we need at different times of the year, helping to support a healthy body.


Rich in nutrients

The further your food has to travel to reach the supermarket, the more nutrients and vitamins will degrade – like vitamin C, which begins to break down quickly after harvesting. Shopping locally and seasonally means you can enjoy the maximum nutrients from your food.


Better for your pocket

Locally grown, seasonal produce is often cheaper than produce shipped from overseas and packaged for supermarkets, so you can keep your food costs down by shopping seasonally.