Lifeplan’s Retailer of the Month May 2021

Posted on June 29, 2021

Mistry’s Pharmacy

Lifeplan’s Retailer of the Month – May 2021

Our retailer of the month for May is Mistry’s Pharmacy. Based in the heart of Market Harborough in Leicestershire and was started in 1977 by Shantilal Mistry and his wife, Jasumati Mistry. They are an independent, family run pharmacy selling a range of products from vitamins and minerals to perfumes and beauty products.

When speaking to the team at Mistry’s it is clear how much they value their customers. They pride themselves on offering the best customer care possible and helping each individual customer with their specific needs. Mistry’s said they have a range of customers coming to see them each day including older and younger customers as well as regulars they see more often. They have built relationships with their customers throughout the years and are always available to assist.

We asked Mistry’s how important they think vitamins and mineral supplements are for people’s health, they said “we may not get all the nutrients we need through our diet, as we all live busy lives, so we think vitamins and mineral supplements can help by giving people a helping hand”. They noted that the products they tend to be asked about more often are joint care products such as turmeric and products related to women’s health. During the recent pandemic, people have become more health conscious, this has been noticed by Mistry’s as well. They have strived to continue to offer great service to their customers throughout this difficult time.

Lifeplan has had a strong relationship with Mistry’s for around 30 years. When speaking to a member of the team they said “Lifeplan are a great local company with a good range of products at great value”.

The work Mistry’s do for their customers and the continued support they offer to their local community has been fantastic over the years. They offer a safe environment for their customers and have extensive knowledge on the products they sell. We think they are very worthy of being our Retailer of the Month for May.