Lifeplan’s Retailer of the Month April 2021

Posted on May 7, 2021

Allens Pharmacy

Lifeplan’s Retailer of the Month – April 2021

Our retailer of the month for April are Allens Pharmacy. Based in Cookstown in the heart of Northern Ireland, Allens is a family run independent pharmacy specialising in all thing’s health and beauty. Allens have been established for more than 60 years have been a local specialist for health products for their community. Through their continued success over the years have also been able to set up a separate independent sports nutrition store.

We recently spoke with Darren Allen who is a pharmacist and the now owner of Allens Pharmacy after taking over from his father. Allens Pharmacy have been very successful and have adapted well to the changes in perception throughout the years. They offer customers all things vitamins and minerals and also offer beauty products as well as sports nutrition. Over the years, Darren and his team have gained the knowledge to be able to support their customers and help them with any issue they may have.

Allens have a wide range of customers in their local area who have many needs and Allens work hard to provide the products their customers are looking for. “I try to allow my customer to prioritise what they are buying”. Darren noted that he has the knowledge to be able to help his customers to navigate all the products to find the best one that suits their health needs. This is a real strength as the team at Allens have a genuine connection with their customers and have real conversations. Darren said they spend a lot of time talking to their customers and finding out what they need, even during the recent pandemic, Allens took the necessary precautions to still be able to offer that face-to-face interaction their customers are used to.

Darren has noticed the change in people’s perceptions towards health and wellbeing and thinks that there has been a shift in peoples understanding and needs over the past year with the focus on immune support products has being really noticeable. Pre-Covid Darren said the products people were buying were more general health type products such as Vitamin B, D and probiotics whereas there has been a change toward Zinc and fish oils, as well as Vitamin D and C. Allens have adapted well to the change and have managed to still be able to provide a great experience for their customers.

Lifeplan has had a great relationship with Allens Pharmacy for more than 15 years and are proud to support them in helping their customers. They have worked extremely hard, not just over the past year, but for many years to provide a knowledgeable, friendly environment for their customer and fully deserve to be recognised as our retailer of the month.