How to Make your Beard Grow Faster

Posted on June 18, 2021

How to make your beard grow faster

If your beard is taking a while to develop, we have a few ideas that could help it grow a little faster. On average, beard hair grows around an inch a month and it can take up to four months to grow a full beard. Can’t wait? Here are some ways you might be able to hurry the process along.


Like many good things in life, a healthy diet is key to achieving your dream beard. Make sure you get plenty of protein, which contains amino acids that make up most of the hair. The main amino acids include cystine, serine, glutamic acid, threonine, glycine and arginine which make up keratin, a structural protein for the hair. Vitamins like Zinc, Biotin and Selenium contribute to the maintenance of normal hair. The mineral copper contributes to the normal hair pigmentation.   

Eggs, meat, tofu, soy, buckwheat, quinoa and dairy are a great way to get more protein and nutrients into your meals, promoting beard growth. Foods like spinach, which is packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, protein, and potassium, also make great additions to a beard-friendly diet.


Higher levels of testosterone make it easier to grow a beard and you can boost testosterone levels through exercise, specifically weight training1. If you are new to working out with weights, seek advice from a trainer to develop your form and get the most from your gym sessions.


When we sleep, our body temperature drops, which increases blood circulation. This includes circulation to the hair follicles and roots, delivering more nutrients to your hair. There are lots of reasons to make sure you get your eight hours of sleep, but a better beard is just another incentive to enjoy an early night.


Taking good care of your skin is one of the best ways to grow a healthier beard. Use a dedicated beard shampoo to wash your facial hair, not the same shampoo you would use on your head. Hair shampoos are designed to remove excess oil, which will leave your face feeling dry, so stick to a specific beard-friendly shampoo. 

After washing, apply beard oil to hydrate your skin and hair, prevent breakage and make your beard more manageable. You might want your beard to grow faster, but you want it to look great too.


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